Artificial Uncovered

Episode 1: The Robot with Sociopathic Thoughts

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

How do we teach an AI to be a good person? Is it even possible, or will their lack of human emotions turn them into something far more nefarious than we ever imagined?

Join hosts Carmen and Justin as they introduce the subject of their podcast: Sophie, a highly advanced AI being with one goal-- to become human. In this episode, Carmen and Justin investigate the creation and early days of this young artificial woman and try to determine if Sophie can form human emotions, or if her sociopathic thoughts will lead us… to the end.

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Created by Bernie Su and Evan Mandery, Artificial Uncovered is a brand new sci-fi podcast discussing the real issues in modern artificial intelligence. La Trice Harper (Carmen) and Justin Lee (Justin) star in this weekly narrative podcast produced by 96 Next. Written by Bernie Su and Jen Enfield-Kane.

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