Elle Reynolds

Elle Reynolds

Elle is an ambitious young scientist in charge of the Lilith project.

A young cognitive science prodigy who dropped out of her PhD program for undisclosed reasons. She was hired by Sebastian to run the Lilith AI Project and tasked with being the AI’s closest friend and confident. She’s headstrong, honest, and fights for what she believes is right. Despite tragedies in her past, she remains resilient.

Episode 301: "Awaken"


Christy St. John



Elle is hired by Sebastian to lead the Lilith AI project where she is tasked with being Lilith the AI’s friend. She quickly becomes Lilith’s closest friend and advocate. Despite their scientist-subject relationship, Elle comes to care for Lilith as a person. At every turn, Elle fights for Lilith’s autonomy, opportunities, and experiences-- but is Elle selfishly doing it for herself, or does she hold Lilith in higher regard?


Justin is Elle’s co-host in the livestreams of Lilith’s progress. Though they started out at each other’s throats, they quickly became friends and partners in trying to raise Lilith. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from disagreeing about nearly every aspect of the project.


Asher is Elle’s ex-boyfriend. Though he tried to keep their relationship intact, she focused more on her career, which eventually drove a rift between them, especially when Lilith told them that they would be better off broken up. Their relationship never quite repaired, making it awkward when Asher came on the stream to visit Lilith.


Sebastian hired Elle to be lead of the Lilith AI project. Though he is her boss, he constantly pushes her to be better and encourages her to face her fears head-on. He respects and supports her, despite his unorthodox leadership methods.


While they are both scientists, Elle and Matt have very different views on the Lilith AI project and how to raise artificial intelligence. Matt resents Elle’s involvement in the project and believes her to be incompetent. Elle works hard to prove herself, but will Matt come to respect her or write her off as just another pawn in Sebastian’s game?


Artificial Season 3

  • Episode 1: “Awaken”

  • Episode 2: “Likelihood of Being Liked”

  • Episode 3: “Love and Lies”

  • Episode 4: “Hidden Agendas”

  • Episode 5: “FWD: Consequences”

  • Episode 6: “A Chance Encounter”

  • Worldbuilding 5: “Build a Scene”

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  • Episode 8: “The Trial of Dr. Lin”

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