Dr. Matt Lin

Dr. Matt Lin

Matt Lin is a computer engineer who works in machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

Matt Lin is a computer engineer who works in machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. He takes his work home with him and designs Sophie, an AI he creates in the image of his late daughter. Matt is a man who has experienced great pain, and he uses his analytical brain to distract himself from his real emotions. He shelters Sophie a great deal, preventing her from doing things like going outside or being on the internet. As the story progresses, however, we see him slowly confront his true feelings.

Episode 1: "Alive"


Tohoru Masamune



Though Matt initially resented Sebastian’s presence in his life, they grew to respect each other and have almost a friendship-- but following Sophie’s deactivation and the subsequent activation of Lilith, Matt immediately turned against Sebastian. Despite that, Sebastian continues to support and advocate for Matt whenever he can.


While they are both scientists, Elle and Matt have very different views on the Lilith AI project and how to raise artificial intelligence. Matt resents Elle’s involvement in the project and believes her to be incompetent. Elle works hard to prove herself, but will Matt come to respect her or write her off as just another pawn in Sebastian’s game?


Justin is one of Matt’s biggest supporters, touting how amazing his creation of Sophie was. Following Sophie’s deactivation, Justin continues to remain a friend to Matt and even takes on the role of defender when Matt is put on a public Twitch trial for the murder of Nathan Keen.


Though Carmen has not always agreed with Matt’s creation and raising of sentient AI, she respects him as a person. After meeting Sophie and getting to know his family better, she softens to him. Matt in turn trusts Carmen to always be honest with him-- something that not everyone is willing to be to him.


Whitney blames Matt for her father’s death, believing that he programmed his robot daughter Sophie to kill her father. She hates him to the core and refuses to believe that Sophie was capable of making the decision to kill someone on her own.


Artificial Season 1

Artificial Season 2

  • Episode 1: "Everybody Loves Artificial Humans"

  • Episode 2: "Robotic Sibling Rivalry"

  • Episode 3: "How to Artificially Treat People"

  • Episode 4: "204 Error: Friendship Not Found"

  • Episode 5: "Toxic"

  • Episode 6: "The Fate of Humanity"

  • Episode 7: "Grief in the Age of Robots"

  • Episode 8: "Sophie's Choice"

Artificial Season 3

  • Episode 1: “Awaken”

  • Episode 2: “Likelihood of Being Liked”

  • Episode 3: “Love and Lies”

  • Episode 4: “Hidden Agendas”

  • Episode 5: “FWD: Consequences”

  • Episode 6: “A Chance Encounter”

  • Episode 7: “Curious Circumstances”

  • Episode 8: “The Trial of Dr. Lin”

  • Episode 9: “Emotional Robotics”

  • Episode 10: “Sophie vs. Lilith”

  • Episode 11: “Trust Not Found”

  • Episode 12: “Lilith Lost”