Ada is Matt’s first attempt at creating a sentient AI.

Ada is Matt’s first attempt at creating a sentient AI. Originally designated as Sophie Version One, the audience voted to name her Ada. She has been described by Matt as a “broken thing” due to her problematic views on humanity. Dr. Mei Lin encouraged Matt to reactivate her so she could try to raise her ethically.

Episode 201: "Everybody Loves..."

Artificial Intelligence

Nicole Rankin, Renata Purkart



Sophie sees Ada as her sister, but Ada sees Sophie as both an inferior (in terms of personality) and superior (in terms of capability) artificial intelligence. Their relationship is strained, with Sophie constantly trying to empathize with Ada, and Ada rejecting Sophie's worldview.


Mei originally advocated for Ada to be reactivated and views her as her own personal project. She wants to teach Ada empathy and try to bring some humanity to this semi-sociopathic AI. Ada has no love for Mei, and knows how to cut to the core and get a reaction out of Mei.


Artificial Season 2

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