Season 2

Season 1


Like every AI, Sophie needs to pass the Turing Test to prove her humanity. In this groundbreaking series, the audience is the test.

Episode 1



Sophie attempts to make her first human friend, but finds the concept of friendship more complicated than she’d originally imagined.

Episode 5



Iris, a long-time viewer of Artificial, runs the livestream. What ensues are many questionable points of conversation, which do not seem to make Dr. Lin too happy.

Episode 9



Sophie tries to understand the difference between fact, truth, and opinion, while Dr. Lin is upset with Iris about going behind his back. JuJu introduces Sophie to his younger brother, Chris, who got in trouble at school for getting into a fight.

Episode 13



In this episode, Matt has to teach Sophie the sensitive issue of morality and what it means. The audience gets to have some fun and help Sophie develop her cognitive senses.

Episode 2



Sophie and Juju get to know each other better, but a discussion about family causes her to doubt Matt’s parenting.

Episode 6



Sophie's first birthday leads to a conversation about history, culture, and rituals, as well as a look into the day Sophie was first turned on.

Episode 10

Happy Birthday


In this special livestream, JuJu and Sophie show the audience a battle between Sophie and a gamer named CatZ in a game of Starcraft 2. JuJu tries to show Sophie that you don’t have to win something in order to enjoy it.

Episode 14



In Sophie’s next lesson, Matt attempts to teach his daughter empathy – with the help of the audience – but finds himself in an uncomfortable position.

Episode 3



Sophie’s insistence that her memories get returned to her turns into a discussion about fun-- and whether she’s ever had any.

Episode 7

Partial Recall


Iris and Dr. Lin continue to clash over how much information Sophie should be given about Dr. Lin's past. This leads to everyone reflecting about their own fathers, as well as addressing personal bias.

Episode 11

The Low Down


Sophie confronts Dr. Lin about being in denial, as he sees his wife for the first time in eight years. Iris gets a job opportunity and asks Dr. Lin whether he would like her to stay, and one of Dr. Lin's coworkers addresses how Matt hasn't been the same. Juju wants to take Sophie outside.

Episode 15



After their confrontation last week, Matt reaches a tenuous peace with Sophie by allowing her access to the Twitch chat, but it soon becomes clear that Sophie has an ulterior motive.

Episode 4



An innocent discussion about The Color Purple turns into a debate about whether Matt and Sophie should let a viewer with a unique perspective into their lives.

Episode 8

The Color Purple


Iris continues to push Dr. Lin in their interviews together. We see what happened after last week’s livestream, where Dr. Lin tries to help Sophie understand the meaning of forgiveness, apology, and emotion by opening up to her about his past.

Episode 12



When Mei returns and reads a poem that Sophie wrote, her husband is confronted about the real reason he prevents Sophie from being exposed to the real world. Iris must make a difficult decision about her career, and the audience decides if Juju should take Sophie outside.

Episode 16

Hard Choices