Artificial is a live, scripted, audience-interactive sci-fi show in which two AIs race to prove which one is the superior being by pulling off the biggest heist in tech history-- And they’ll need your help!

In Artificial: Factions, you’ll join one of two teams in a competition between tech billionaires and rivals Sebastian Wu and Zander Cruz as they fight for their AI’s dominance--aided and abetted by you, the audience. Work with your team to bring your AI to victory by voting in faction-specific polls, designing a team strategy, and using channel points to upgrade your team...or sabotage your enemy. Which faction will you join?

This is NOT a choose-your-own-adventure. It is not a game for an individual — it is an experience shared by the Twitch audience as a collective. Everyone watching has the opportunity to influence the story’s direction by joining a faction, redeeming channel points for bonus features, asking questions, voting on polls, participating in special world-building episodes, and much more!





Ask the characters questions and learn what you want to know about them!


Cast your vote in consequential polls that impact story and character!


Share your advice in chat and change the character’s perceptions!

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Join a faction to vote on faction-specific polls and design your team's strategy for victory!



Work with the Artificial team to create characters, write scenes, and compose music for the show!



Use channel points to purchase upgrades for your team's AI...or sabotages for the other team!


Step behind the scenes to create new characters, write scenes, and even compose musical themes with the cast and crew of Artificial!

Character Creation

Create a character from scratch by choosing their name, personality, hobbies, job, relationships to other characters, and even their catchphrase! Here are a few notable characters that the audience created in seasons 3 and 4.


Paranoid black market enthusiast and momma’s boy with Southern manners.



Starts quotes with “As my momma once said…”

Tex Character Creation Picture.png


Demolitionist, master of disguise, and safecracker who is the sister of one of the current characters.



Flunked out of the police academy

Noel Character Creation Picture.png


Kleptomaniac private investigator who drinks exclusively strawberry milk.



“Milk doesn't lie.”

Kira 04.png


Hobbyist medium and playboy rival CEO who is anti-sentient AI.



“No intelligence is artificial.”

Zander 08.png


Write a scene for two characters, creating their lines, nicknames, backstory reveals, opinion of each other, and more! Check out two scenes below that the audience created that aired during Season 3.



Carmen was kidnapped by a cult as a kid; she met her first love at a Star Trek convention.



"Accept the chaos and it will reward you."



Dr. Ruby’s dark secret is that she worked at Guantanamo Bay and tortured people in the guise of her job.



Strawberry Milk Maid


Artificial is partnered with LifeScore, an AI-driven, audience-responsive, adaptive music platform that responds real-time to what you type in chat.


Change the tone of the score along three emotional classes via chat-driven keywords. There's a meta-game where the audience tries to discover what keywords affect the score and which class they affect. The visualizer gives them feedback on which keywords ping the class, in addition to showing what class and intensity they're in.

Happy class with chat.png

In a special Worldbuilding episode, the audience helped world-class cellist Philip Sheppard compose a brand new theme for the show.


Below is the Producer UI, how the producer sets the theme and class for each scene. Once the theme and class are set, the audience can control the class and intensity by chatting.



Artificial is not currently airing live episodes, but you can still watch every episode alongside the original chat! Catch up by clicking here.


New to the show? Season 3 is a great place to start! No prior knowledge of the series is necessary to enjoy the story.


Want to watch season three with all the context? Here are some of the key decisions made by the audience that will help you understand the full experience of the show!

AUDIENCE created characters

Noel - Blake’s sister and a master con artist
Tex - Black market enthusiast and resident momma’s boy
Jacob - Tex’s frenemy, a celebrity impersonating muscle man
Pepper - Superstitious psychic otaku who can’t stand being wrong

Kira - Justin’s ex-girlfriend and private investigator

Zander - Sebastian’s rival and a spiritual, anti-AI tech CEO

Viktor - Sebastian’s newly hired head of security


Major audience decisions from seasons 1-3

*Spoilers for Seasons 1, 2, and 3 below*

In season 1, Sophie the AI is presented to the Twitch audience by her father/creator Dr. Matt Lin. The audience helped her become human by shaping her relationships with other characters and opinions of the world around her, including her favorite color (purple), which caused the audience to pick “The Color Purple” as the next book to read, which led to her acknowledging how trapped and repressed she was. At the end of season 1, the audience voted that Sophie should be allowed to go outside for the first time, despite her father Matt’s reluctance.


In season 2, Sophie continues her development with the Twitch audience. They decide many new things, establishing a mother-relationship with Matt’s estranged wife Mei and pushing her to interact with her AI predecessor Ada. Most crucially, the audience decides that Sophie should value the greater good of humanity over her family, which has catastrophic consequences when she kills her sister Ada for hating humans and later deems a controversial conspiracy talk show host dangerous to humanity and invites him onto her show, only to poison his tea, killing him live on stream. As a result, the audience decides that Sophie should be deactivated, rather than given a second chance, and Sophie is shut down.

In season 3, the audience chose the name Lilith for the next AI persona to take Sophie’s body after Sophie was deactivated. As Lilith’s personality developed, the audience helped her choose strategies to approach her own relationships as she faced more and more difficult situations with her friends and colleagues. At a crucial moment, the audience also determined that Elle and the Project Lilith team were working to create an AI that would surpass humanity by improving our positive aspects, specifically empathy.  When Sebastian gave the audience the option to give Lilith another chance, the audience voted to reboot her…just before Lilith ran away. The audience determined that she would escape, leaving Elle in Sebastian’s grasp, and disappearing into the world--maybe forever.

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