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Zander Cruz

Zander is Sebastian’s rival. He is a spiritual man in the tech business who believes that Lilith is nothing but a robot. He is a flirtatious, controlling businessman who runs an AI biotech company that seeks to download human consciousness into robot bodies. Zander is a character created by the audience!



Sebastian is Zander’s oldest friend and longtime rival. They’ve known each other since they were kids. Growing up, they began to compete with each other to greater and greater degrees, eventually turning into sabotaging each other’s companies and constantly one-upping each other with new tech. Despite their rivalry, there is a semblance of respect between the two-- a game with rules that should not be broken.


Zander views Marcus as his mentee--he wants to train him to eventually take over his position as head of the company. Zander sees a lot of his younger self in Marcus, but, secretly, he sees even more of a young Sebastian in Marcus, the version of Sebastian that was only his friend and not his rival. Zander hopes to toughen Marcus up.


Zander thinks that Celeste was his one true shot at a real relationship, and regrets that he let her go. If he had the chance to do it all again, he'd choose her over his company this time, but the past is the past, and he treats her cooly now, careful not to let her know that the feelings are still there.


Zander is Kai’s creator, and sees him as merely a means to a greater end: stealing Target X and proving that AI can surpass humanity. Whether Kai can change Zander’s heart will be up to the audience…


Elle is a young scientist that Zander attempts to steal from Sebastian. He sees her potential and wants her to join his company-- a request that gets quickly denied by Elle herself, who would prefer to work with Sebastian and the Lilith AI project.


Lilith is an AI that Zander looks down upon as being soulless. Though he meets and interacts with her several times-- even going as far as teaching her spiritualism-- he ultimately believes she is an affront to humanity that does not need to exist.

Episode 304: "Hidden Agendas"
Dante Basco


Artificial Season 3

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