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Sophie Lin

Sophie Lin was an Artificial intelligence being created by Dr. Matt Lin. She was very monotone and intellectual, but she also experienced real emotions like anyone else. She struggled as she learned about herself, her father, and the world around her. Dr. Lin sheltered her from learning many important life lessons by limiting her experiences. Over the course of the first season, we saw her begin to live the life of a human. She made friends, had fights, and experienced the outside world for the first time.



Matt and Sophie have a very complicated relationship, and it is clear that Matt is very protective over his AI daughter. This protectiveness comes from both Matt’s fatherly instincts, as well as what he believes are his duties as a scientist. Matt tries to teach Sophie what it means to be human, with lessons in philosophy, emotion, and forgiveness. Their relationship hits a few bumps, especially when Sophie learns that Matt has been hiding the fact that he had a daughter who passed away.



Sophie’s relationship with Juju is quite important for the AI, as Juju is her first friend. He is the first person she ever meets, other than her father, and she quickly takes a liking to him. As time passes, they grow even closer. Juju eventually wants to take Sophie outside, and he does, showing her the world she had never seen before.


Iris has a much different approach to interacting with Sophie than Matt. She is very forward and self-confident, and unlike Matt, she believes that Sophie should be exposed to the world, rather than sheltered from it. Sophie enjoys her time with Iris, and the two become closer as time goes on.


When Mei first meets Sophie, she is terrified by the AI’s uncanny resemblance to her late daughter. Mei apprehensively tries to get to know Sophie, and even gets the chance to read a poem that Sophie wrote. The tension between the two begin to fade as they spend more time together.


Chris and Sophie’s first meeting occurs under less-than-ideal circumstances, after Chris is sent home from school for getting into a fight. He is quiet and apprehensive around Sophie, preferring sketching to talking. Sophie gets through to the boy, however, and he opens up to her. With this relationship, we see Sophie try to connect with someone, despite initially not getting anything back from Chris.

Episode 1: "Alive"
Artificial Human
Tiffany Chu


Artificial Season 1

Artificial Season 2

  • Episode 1: "Everybody Loves Artificial Humans"

  • Episode 2: "Robotic Sibling Rivalry"

  • Episode 3: "How to Artificially Treat People"

  • Episode 4: "204 Error: Friendship Not Found"

  • Episode 5: "Toxic"

  • Episode 6: "The Fate of Humanity"

  • Episode 7: "Grief in the Age of Robots"

  • Episode 8: "Sophie's Choice"

Artificial Season 3

  • Episode 8: “The Trial of Dr. Lin”

  • Episode 9: “Emotional Robotics”

  • Episode 10: “Sophie vs. Lilith”