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Sebastian is a mysterious entrepreneur who has stepped in to help Matt and Sophie deal with the legal and financial issues they've been facing. A secretive benefactor, his motives seem mostly altruistic... but whose side is he really on?

Episode 201: "Everybody Loves..."
Stephen Chang



Sebastian hired Elle to be lead of the Lilith AI project. Though he is her boss, he constantly pushes her to be better and encourages her to face her fears head-on. He respects and supports her, despite his unorthodox leadership methods.


Sebastian initially hired Justin to co-host a podcast detailing Sophie the AI’s journey. Justin never liked Sebastian, believing his treatment of Sophie to be inhumane. Sebastian later hires Justin again to be a co-host with Elle in raising the new AI Lilith. Though Justin continues to hate Sebastian, he joins the project in hopes of making amends and ensuring what happened to Sophie would not happen again with Lilith.


After activating Lilith, Sebastian remained distant from her, supposedly not wanting to influence her development. However, after an audience vote, Sebastian was forced to meet Lilith and help guide her during the Trial of Matt Lin. Lilith continues to remain suspicious of Sebastian, while Sebastian wants to protect Lilith-- or rather, his tech.


Zander is Sebastian’s oldest friend and longtime rival. They’ve known each other since they were kids. Growing up, they began to compete with each other to greater and greater degrees, eventually turning into sabotaging each other’s companies and constantly one-upping each other with new tech. Despite their rivalry, there is a semblance of respect between the two-- a game with rules that should not be broken.


Sebastian hired Ruby to be a psychiatrist on the Lilith AI Project. They work closely to define the rules of the project and how to handle the changes in Lilith’s development, but as the project becomes more complicated, Sebastian starts to brush Ruby off-- which Ruby very much isn’t happy about.


Sebastian hired Carmen to host the podcast with Justin. Though Carmen did not agree with raising a sentient AI, she respected that he was making an effort to be safe with the technology. However, following Sophie’s murder of Nathan Keen and Sebastian’s subsequent activation of a new AI, Lilith, Carmen has grown to hate Sebastian and works to warn everyone about how dangerous this is.


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