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Mei Lin

Mei Lin is Matt Lin's estranged wife. After the loss of their daughter, the couple lost their connection with each other. However, when she is diagnosed with cancer, she returns to her husband. It is not until their reconnection that she learns that Matt has created an AI. She is at first terrified of Sophie, as the girl has the same face as Mei's own deceased child, but after reading a poem that Sophie wrote, Mei seems to warm up to the AI, and advocates for Sophie's rights in the final episode.



When Mei first meets Sophie, she is terrified by the AI’s uncanny resemblance to her late daughter. Mei apprehensively tries to get to know Sophie, and even gets the chance to read a poem that Sophie wrote. The tension between the two begin to fade as they spend more time together.


Matt and Mei have a long, sad, history. Though they were once happily married with a daughter, Michelle, things drastically changed when their child was killed in a school shooting. Following the girl’s death, they were estranged for eight years, never seeing each other. Mei eventually returned to see Matt, and was shocked to learn of his AI daughter, who he made in the image of Michelle. Mei is horrified at what Matt has done, but as she warms up to Sophie, she begins to warm up to Matt as well.

Episode 15: "Changes"
Alexandra Bokyun Chun


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