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This new AI awoke in an empty room with no name, no personality-- and no one around her. With the help of the Twitch audience she got a name (Lilith), and many personality traits.  Since her predecessor Sophie killed someone live on Twitch, all of Lilith’s interactions are now remote to protect everyone involved. Her creators, guides, and audience are watching her from around the world. How will she develop? That’s all up to the audience!



Elle is the first person Lilith sees when she is activated for the first time and becomes Lilith’s closest friend as well. Despite their scientist-subject relationship, Elle comes to care for Lilith as a person. At every turn, Elle fights for Lilith’s autonomy, opportunities, and experiences-- but is Elle selfishly doing it for herself, or does she hold Lilith in higher regard?


Justin and Lilith have a friendly relationship, but are not particularly close. Justin’s focus on keeping Lilith safe and ensuring she is controlled colors their relationship and though Lilith accepts his advice, she remains distanced from him.


Sebastian and Lilith have a complicated relationship. While Sebastian is the one who activated her and gave her life, he is also an antagonistic figure in her life-- the one imprisoning her in her two-room cage and the one who has the power to shut her down at any time. The biggest question remains… will they end allies or enemies?


Asher is Lilith’s first love. She forms romantic feelings for him after their first meeting, causing others to wonder about the extent of her ability to feel emotions. Complicating their relationship is the fact that Asher is also Elle’s boyfriend-- which Lilith doesn’t see a problem with. Lilith’s relationship with Asher is a proof of Lilith’s sentience and emotional complexity.


Sophie is Lilith’s predecessor and the original owner of Lilith’s body. Thanks to the audience, Lilith considers Sophie her sister. After Sophie’s reactivation, Lilith wants to give Sophie her body back, hoping it will help Sophie.

Episode 301: "Awaken"
Artificial Intelligence Being
Tiffany Chu


Artificial Season 3

  • Episode 1: “Awaken”

  • Episode 2: “Likelihood of Being Liked”

  • Episode 3: “Love and Lies”

  • Episode 4: “Hidden Agendas”

  • Episode 5: “FWD: Consequences”

  • Episode 6: “A Chance Encounter”

  • Episode 7: “Curious Circumstances”

  • Episode 8: “The Trial of Dr. Lin”

  • Episode 9: “Emotional Robotics”

  • Episode 10: “Sophie vs. Lilith”

  • Episode 11: “Trust Not Found”

  • Episode 12: “Lilith Lost”