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Kira Castillo

Kira is a private investigator and also Justin’s ex girlfriend. She was hired by Whitney Keen, conspiracy radio host Nathan Keen’s daughter, to investigate his murder following season 2. She is a curious, brutally honest kleptomaniac who broke up with Justin because his parents disapprove of her due to her family’s poverty. Kira is a character created by the audience!



Though their relationship is initially contentious, since Kira was hired to poke around Sebastian’s company, once Sebastian realizes he’s not the target of Kira’s investigation, he softens to her and eventually hires her as the project’s personal PI. While Kira doesn’t necessarily like Sebastian, she’s willing to take the job for the money. But are the consequences worth it?


Kira sees herself in Marcus, the version of herself before she became hardened and corrupted. Kira admires Marcus's optimism and is curious as to how he will fare in the jaded, hardboiled world he's joined.


Kira sees Ember as a means to an end, but it's hard not to like the hyper, bubbly AI. Kira reluctantly notices a friendship forming between the two. 


Justin is Kira’s ex from six years ago. Kira broke up with him because is family would not accept her and he wouldn’t stand up to them for her. They reconnect when he happens to be involved in the same case that she’s working on, but their relationship is bizarre and somewhat contentious.


Whitney hires Kira to investigate the murder of her father, Nathan Keen, who was killed by Lilith’s AI predecessor Sophie a year earlier. Kira sees Whitney like a younger sister she must protect, especially because they both lost their fathers to a murder that never saw justice.

Episode 303: "Love and Lies"
Alejandra Reynoso


Artificial Season 3

  • Episode 3: “Love and Lies”

  • Episode 4: “Hidden Agendas”

  • Episode 5: “FWD: Consequences”

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  • Episode 7: “Curious Circumstances”

  • Episode 8: “The Trial of Dr. Lin”

  • Worldbuilding 7: “Write a Scene”

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