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Justin is one of the hosts of Artificial Uncovered. He’s enthusiastically optimistic by nature and very pro-AI. He can see the good in anyone, but he does the research to back up his beliefs.



Justin and Carmen initially met and became good friends at a tech conference years ago before being hired by Sebastian to run a podcast about the AI Sophie. However, following the deactivation of Sophie, Justin became depressed and distanced himself from Carmen, souring their relationship-- especially after Justin agreed to join Sebastian in raising a new AI, which Carmen vehemently opposed.


Kira is Justin’s ex from six years ago. Kira broke up with him because is family would not accept her and he wouldn’t stand up to them for her. They reconnect when he happens to be involved in the same case that she’s working on, but their relationship is bizarre and somewhat contentious.


Justin is one of Matt’s biggest supporters, touting how amazing his creation of Sophie was. Following Sophie’s deactivation, Justin continues to remain a friend to Matt and even takes on the role of defender when Matt is put on a public Twitch trial for the murder of Nathan Keen.


Elle is Jusutin’s co-host in the livestreams of Lilith’s progress. Though they started out at each other’s throats, they quickly became friends and partners in trying to raise Lilith. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from disagreeing about nearly every aspect of the project.


Justin and Lilith have a friendly relationship, but are not particularly close. Justin’s focus on keeping Lilith safe and ensuring she is controlled colors their relationship and though Lilith accepts his advice, she remains distanced from him.


Sebastian initially hired Justin to co-host a podcast detailing Sophie the AI’s journey. Justin never liked Sebastian, believing his treatment of Sophie to be inhumane. Sebastian later hires Justin again to be a co-host with Elle in raising the new AI Lilith. Though Justin continues to hate Sebastian, he joins the project in hopes of making amends and ensuring what happened to Sophie would not happen again with Lilith.

Episode 205: "Toxic"
Justin Lee


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