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Juju McGibbons

Juju McGibbons is an awkward but lovable boy-next-door type who truly wants to connect with Sophie. His older sister died in the shooting that killed Matt's real daughter, and Juju suspects that Dr. Lin modeled Sophie around his daughter, Michelle. He forms a strong connection with Sophie, and the audience even votes that he should be the one to take her outside for the first time.



Sophie’s relationship with Juju is quite important for the AI, as Juju is her first friend. He is the first person she ever meets, other than her father, and she quickly takes a liking to him. As time passes, they grow even closer. Juju eventually wants to take Sophie outside, and he does, showing her the world she had never seen before.


Juju and Matt are connected through a shared loss. Juju’s older sister was friends with Matt’s daughter, Michelle, before both girls were killed in a school shooting. When Matt creates Sophie in his daughter’s image, Juju is the first person he introduces her to, showing that he clearly trusts the boy. They occasionally disagree on how to interact with Sophie, but they generally have a very good relationship.


Juju and Iris bond over both of them being "outsiders" to Matt and Sophie, and both want to help Sophie in her development. However, Juju knows and respects Matt and is often willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because of their shared experiences. This can cause friction between Juju and Iris when Iris doesn't have the same context and disagrees with Matt over how he's raising Sophie.


Juju’s relationship with his younger brother is difficult. Juju strives to be there for Chris, but the boy is often silent and withdrawn, and doesn’t seem to let his brother in. They have a bond over their shared loss of their sister, who died in the same shooting as Dr. Lin’s late daughter.

Episode 5: "Juju"
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