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Iris is an outspoken and stubborn activist who cares strongly about fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. She started as an Artificial audience member who was active in the Twitch live chat and later became part of the show– and one of Sophie's key advocates. When she begins working with Dr. Lin, she is vocal about her opposition to how he shelters Sophie. This causes a lot of head-butting between the two, including several instances of them going behind each other's backs in their interactions with Sophie. She bonds with Sophie, however, and is one of the main driving forces in teaching her the truth about the real world.



Iris has a much different approach to interacting with Sophie than Matt. She is very forward and self-confident, and unlike Matt, she believes that Sophie should be exposed to the world, rather than sheltered from it. Sophie enjoys her time with Iris, and the two become closer as time goes on.


Matt and Iris have a somewhat hostile relationship. They fundamentally disagree on how to expose Sophie to the world. Matt believes that keeping Sophie sheltered will protect her, whereas Iris thinks that Sophie should know the truth about the world and the people around her. Though they clash often, and their methods differ, their desire to do what’s right for Sophie forms an unlikely bond between the two of them.


Juju and Iris bond over both of them being "outsiders" to Matt and Sophie, and both want to help Sophie in her development. However, Juju knows and respects Matt and is often willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because of their shared experiences. This can cause friction between Juju and Iris when Iris doesn't have the same context and disagrees with Matt over how he's raising Sophie.

Episode 8: "The Color Purple"
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