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Dr. Ruby Thatcher

An eccentric therapist/psychiatrist who was hired by Sebastian to access the people involved in his new experiment with the AI Lilith. She is a guide and advice-giver, but is also highly intrigued by the concept of disaster and dilemma. To her, bad things are especially important and worth studying. Her guiding force is chaos-- and she’s not afraid to let everyone know.



Sebastian hired Ruby to be a psychiatrist on the Lilith AI Project. They work closely to define the rules of the project and how to handle the changes in Lilith’s development, but as the project becomes more complicated, Sebastian starts to brush Ruby off-- which Ruby very much isn’t happy about.


Ruby wants to love Ember--but Ember doesn’t make it easy for the mysterious psychologist. Ruby likes being the most chaotic person in the room, and Ember will give her a run for her money.


Ruby sees herself in Kai’s calm approach and strategic manipulation, but Kai still has a long way to go to catch up with Ruby. Short on human friends, Ruby is always excited to mentor an AI--and maybe even form a real connection.


Ruby doesn't trust Blake for one minute...especially when she gets in the way of her blossoming relationship with Tex.


Ruby is fascinated by Lilith and her development and supports her growth and autonomy, despite Sebastian’s tight leash on Lilith. Lilith meanwhile appreciates Ruby’s advice and continues to seek it out while remaining distrusting of her presence as a whole.

Episode 301: "Awaken"
Jennifer Field


Artificial Season 3

  • Episode 1: “Awaken”

  • Episode 2: “Likelihood of Being Liked”

  • Episode 3: “Love and Lies”

  • Episode 4: “Hidden Agendas”

  • Worldbuilding 4: “Create a Scene”

  • Episode 5: “FWD: Consequences”

  • Episode 6: “A Chance Encounter”

  • Episode 7: “Curious Circumstances”

  • Episode 8: “The Trial of Dr. Lin”

  • Episode 9: “Emotional Robotics”

  • Episode 10: “Sophie vs. Lilith”

  • Episode 11: “Trust Not Found”

  • Episode 12: “Lilith Lost”

Artificial Season 4