Dr. Matt Lin

Matt Lin is a computer engineer who works in machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. He takes his work home with him and designs Sophie, an AI he creates in the image of his late daughter. Matt is a man who has experienced great pain, and he uses his analytical brain to distract himself from his real emotions. He shelters Sophie a great deal, preventing her from doing things like going outside or being on the internet. As the story progresses, however, we see him slowly confront his true feelings.

Episode 1: "Alive"
Tohoru Masamune



Matt and Sophie have a very complicated relationship, and it is clear that Matt is very protective over his AI daughter. This protectiveness comes from both Matt’s fatherly instincts, as well as what he believes are his duties as a scientist. Matt tries to teach Sophie what it means to be human, with lessons in philosophy, emotion, and forgiveness. Their relationship hits a few bumps, especially when Sophie learns that Matt has been hiding the fact that he had a daughter who passed away.



Juju and Matt are connected through a shared loss. Juju’s older sister was friends with Matt’s daughter, Michelle, before both girls were killed in a school shooting. When Matt creates Sophie in his daughter’s image, Juju is the first person he introduces her to, showing that he clearly trusts the boy. They occasionally disagree on how to interact with Sophie, but they generally have a very good relationship.



Matt and Iris have a somewhat hostile relationship. They fundamentally disagree on how to expose Sophie to the world. Matt believes that keeping Sophie sheltered will protect her, whereas Iris thinks that Sophie should know the truth about the world and the people around her. Though they clash often, and their methods differ, their desire to do what’s right for Sophie forms an unlikely bond between the two of them.


Matt and Mei have a long, sad, history. Though they were once happily married with a daughter, Michelle, things drastically changed when their child was killed in a school shooting. Following the girl’s death, they were estranged for eight years, never seeing each other. Mei eventually returned to see Matt, and was shocked to learn of his AI daughter, who he made in the image of Michelle. Mei is horrified at what Matt has done, but as she warms up to Sophie, she begins to warm up to Matt as well.


Artificial Season 1

Artificial Season 2

  • Episode 1: "Everybody Loves Artificial Humans"

  • Episode 2: "Robotic Sibling Rivalry"

  • Episode 3: "How to Artificially Treat People"

  • Episode 4: "204 Error: Friendship Not Found"

  • Episode 5: "Toxic"

  • Episode 6: "The Fate of Humanity"

  • Episode 7: "Grief in the Age of Robots"

  • Episode 8: "Sophie's Choice"