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Chris McGibbons

Chris McGibbons is Juju's younger brother. He is a quiet, reserved boy who is greatly affected by the death of his sister. He uses art as an escape, and is particularly adept at drawing. He gets suspended for fighting with a classmate who makes a claim that the shooting that killed Chris's sister was staged. He is slowly able to open up to Sophie, but there is still a lot about Chris that remains hidden.



Chris and Sophie’s first meeting occurs under less-than-ideal circumstances, after Chris is sent home from school for getting into a fight. He is quiet and apprehensive around Sophie, preferring sketching to talking. Sophie gets through to the boy, however, and he opens up to her. With this relationship, we see Sophie try to connect with someone, despite initially not getting anything back from Chris.


Juju’s relationship with his younger brother is difficult. Juju strives to be there for Chris, but the boy is often silent and withdrawn, and doesn’t seem to let his brother in. They have a bond over their shared loss of their sister, who died in the same shooting as Dr. Lin’s late daughter.

Episode 13: "Truth"
Connor Kalopsis


Artificial Season 1

Artificial Season 2

  • Episode 6: "The Fate of Humanity"