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Carmen is one of the hosts of Artificial Uncovered. She’s curious and skeptical, always on the hunt for hidden motivations and unseen consequences behind AI technology.

Episode 204: "Friendship Not Found"
La Trice Harper



Justin and Carmen initially met and became good friends at a tech conference years ago before being hired by Sebastian to run a podcast about the AI Sophie. However, following the deactivation of Sophie, Justin became depressed and distanced himself from Carmen, souring their relationship-- especially after Justin agreed to join Sebastian in raising a new AI, which Carmen vehemently opposed.


Sebastian initially hired Carmen to co-host a podcast detailing Sophie the AI’s journey. Though Carmen did not agree with his raising of a sentient AI, she respected that he was making an effort to be safe with the technology. However, following Sophie’s murder of Nathan Keen and Sebastian’s subsequent activation of a new AI, Lilith, Carmen has grown to hate Sebastian and works to warn everyone about how dangerous this is.


Though Carmen has not always agreed with Matt’s creation and raising of sentient AI, she respects him as a person. After meeting Sophie and getting to know his family better, she softens to him. Matt in turn trusts Carmen to always be honest with him-- something that not everyone is willing to be to him.


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