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Tiffany Chu

Lilith is a blank slate AI created from Sophie's technology.

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Stephen Chang

Sebastian is a mysterious benefactor who's helping Matt and Sophie... but why?

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Dr. Ruby

Jennifer Field

Dr. Ruby is a mysterious and chaotic psychiatrist employed on the Lilith project.

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Kira Castillo

Alejandra Reynoso

Kira is a private investigator and Justin's ex-girlfriend.

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Zander Cruz

Dante Basco

Zander is Sebastian's rival and a spiritual tech CEO.

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Whitney Keen

Veronica Mitsuk

Whitney is the daughter of Nathan Keen, and the person seeking justice for his murder.

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Robb Padgett

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Juju McGibbons

Rex Bressler

Juju McGibbons is an awkward but lovable boy-next-door type who truly wants to connect with Sophie.

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Nicole Rankin, Renata Purkart

Ada is Matt’s first attempt at creating a sentient AI.

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Nathan Keen

Paul Dean

Nathan Keen is a controversial radio host known for his bombastic personality and conspiracy theories.

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Elle Reynolds

Christy St. John

Elle is an ambitious young scientist in charge of the Lilith project.

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Justin Lee

Justin is one of the hosts of Artificial Uncovered. He’s enthusiastically optimistic by nature and very pro-AI.

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Dr. Matt Lin

Tohoru Masamune

Matt Lin is a computer engineer who works in machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

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Devon Werkheiser

Asher is Elle's boyfriend and Lilith's crush.

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La Trice Harper

Carmen is one of the hosts of Artificial Uncovered, and always curious and skeptical about AI.

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Meredith Reynolds

Stacey Moseley

Meredith is Elle's mother.

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Sophie Lin

Tiffany Chu

Sophie Lin is an Artificial intelligence being created by Dr. Matt Lin.

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Mei Lin

Alexandra Bokyun Chun

Mei Lin is Matt Lin's estranged wife. After the loss of their daughter, the couple lost their connection with each other.

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Danielle Kay

Laila is a (human) friend of Sophie. She’s quiet and shy, but provides a strong voice for empathy in Sophie’s life.

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Chris McGibbons

Connor Kalopsis

Chris McGibbons is Juju's younger brother. He is a quiet, reserved boy who is greatly affected by the death of his sister.